Sandhills Cycling Club

Tour de Moore Classic 2021

After several months of meetings, planning and reviewing the needs of our critical partners and volunteers, the organizational team of the TDMC has determined that the challenges of starting back up  this year are far more substantial than we could have anticipated and that it would be far more prudent to wait. Therefore, we have decided not to hold the TDMC for 2021.

We're confident that the ride can happen next year if we can get everyone on board in the coming months and we will begin planning immediately to get ahead of any pitfalls.  Thanks to all that came out for the preliminary meeting.

Stay tuned to the website for and Facebook page for upcoming membership drive and other events for next year.

Also, we’re formulating a project that -- we believe -- will prove beneficial both for cycling and for the history of TDMC. 

In the meantime, if you or someone you know would like to assist
or volunteer along the "Road to 2022", we strongly encourage you to reach out to us via email.


Thank you for supporting Sandhill's Cycling Club.  See ya on or off the road.


John Mueller


Sandhill's Cycling Club

The TDMC Team