Sandhills Cycling Club

Sandhills Cycling Club is a regional club with over 75 members and has produced numerous state champions, as well as supported riders who have gone on to national success.  Our goal is to promote fun, safe cycling events and to support the local cycling community.

We try to offer something to anyone interested in cycling. We have club members who participate in organized bike rides, which can range from 10 to over 100 miles in length. We have members who just get together to ride around the neighborhood. Also, we have members who race bicycles: road racers, mountain bike racers, multi-sport racers and cyclocross racers. The club has a wide variety of member interests, but we all wear the Sandhills Cycling Club Jersey and love bikes.


Did you know there is a $500.00 cyclist scholarship at Sandhills Community College that Sandhills Cycling Club members get priority on? Yes, our fall time cyclocross event supports the scholarship and is available each year to Active SCC members enrolled at Sandhills Community College. Ask about it if you are a SCC member and enrolled at Sandhills Community College!