Sandhills Cycling Club

Ride Schedule

Check this page often for updated listings of all of our rides. Rides require, at minimum, an appropriate bike in good working order, water, and a helmet. We suggest a spare tube, energy food, maybe a little cash in case we stop, and your biggest smile! Many rides are held subject to weather. We'll see you out there — and have fun!


Please obey all traffic rules and signs.

Helmets are required and riding with ear-phones is not allowed in the group.

Please do not use the Triathlon/Time Trial bars in the group.

No Ear buds or cell phone usage in the group.

Sandhills Cycling Club Ride Schedule:

(all rides weather permitting)

Ride(s)                                                                    Start Time (Start Location)

Monday            Recovery Day

Tuesday            Show and go MTB ride 6:00pm Sandhills Community College Field Area

Thursday Show and Go 6:15pm Governor's Creek MTB Park

Friday Social Ride 3:00pm Rainbow Cycles

Saturday           Show and Go  1:00pm Rainbow Cycles

Sunday            Long Group Ride 1:00pm Rainbow Cycles

Additional descriptions of the rides can be found below.


SCC Club Ride Descriptions


Beginner Ride:

Slow roll around Southern Pines about 6 miles.

Mild  paced ride of about 20 minutes followed by snacks.


 Group riding skill level recommendation:             “Novice”

 "A" Ride:                                        

Speed Work aka Long Breakaway

Duration is typically 1.5 to 2 hours of fast,pace line riding. Efforts will be made to maintain group integrity while keeping the fastest speed.  If you get dropped, be prepared to find your own way home or hook up with others to cruise back to Southern Pines. Please note that the group must obey all traffic laws AND respect the yellow line rule.


Drop Policy: “You’re on your own”

This is pretty self-explanatory so be prepared to get yourself back to SoPi.


Group riding skill level recommendation:             "Experienced"

Peloton rules are in effect. In other words, the ride progresses as the Peloton sees fit which often means no waiting to be asked to pull-through, and the Peloton enforces etiquette…remember, it’s a simulation so there are no officials!

 "B" Ride:                                           

Classic Club Ride.

Moderate paced ride of typically 1.5 to 2 hours in duration that is intended to develop group riders in a fun and supportive environment. This means being challenged at times but, for the most part, offering a steady fitness pace with plenty of folks to help with skills development…in other words, expect a nice smooth steady ride but beware of the “local” sprints and hill climbs ;)


Drop Policy: “We’ll get you home”

The drop policy is to try to keep riders starting with the group with the group unless ride leaders and the rider determine dropping off is a better alternative for the group and/or the rider. Ride leaders will check in with any rider before that rider is dropped.  Recommended average speed will be 17mph overall.


Group riding skill level recommendation:             “Knowledgeable”

Riders taking on the Classic Club Ride should have basic knowledge of how to ride in a group but do not need extensive experience since this is the ride to gain the experience as you build your fitness. As with club group rides around the world, there will be plenty of experienced folks willing to provide coaching/support and there are even the occasional “practice sessions” for trying out group riding techniques (e.g. continuous rotating paceline, echelons)


Social Ride:

Easy to moderate paced ride focused on giving riders a chance to catch up with each other while easing into the weekend. This ride is as long as the group wants to make it but usually ends just in time for “happy hour”.


Drop Policy: “Ha…now wouldn’t that be anti-social”

No one getting dropped here unless they are a grumpy muppett spoiling the Friday afternoon fun.


Group riding skill level recommendation:                  "Knowledgeable"

Much the same as the Classic Club ride on Wednesday’s but don’t expect any coaching as this would interfere with the socializing…


Coffee Ride:

Social road ride to Buggy Town in Carthage for a "coffee break" and return.  Pace to be determined but average around 15mph.



Saturday Group Ride:                                     

Show & Go

Looking for the some weekend exercise, then swing by and consider a weekend group ride. These rides totally depend on who shows and who goes but previews are often posted to the SCC Facebook page. Routes, durations, pace and style of the ride are all finalized at the start but will typically follow the general riding season: shorter rides in Winter/Spring, longer rides in Summer/Fall. At the start, the group can/will adjust based on what folks want to do or you can always choose to go your own way…so If you are not sure of any aspect, please pose questions to the group so that you know what you are getting into.

Group riding skill level recommendation:                  "Knowledgeable" 


Long Group Ride

Get some endurance work with a longer steady paced group effort.  Ride distance will be between 45 and 65 miles with a rest stop along the way.  Participants should bring adequate food and hydration for the distance and weather conditions. 

Group riding skill level recommendation:                  "Knowledgeable" 

SCC does not warrant the safety of routes selected for rides. Roads are NOT closed for cyclists. Cyclists ride at their own risk and assume total responsibility for their own safety. SCC, its organizers and ride leaders will not be responsible for any injury or damage to any persons or property that may arise from participation in the ride. Rides are considered cancelled if it’s raining.

If you need additional information check out the SCC Facebook page or please send us an email at

Mild to moderate paced ride of about an hour with a no drop policy. The goal of the ride is to introduce novice riders to group riding skills/etiquette and to provide an opportunity for riders new to the area to experience SCC group riding.


Drop Policy: “No drop”

Group will adjust to stay together at all times.


Group riding skill level recommendation:             “Novice”

This is the ride to learn the basics of riding in a group. The emphasis is on safety…both yours and the groups.