Sandhills Cycling Club

Tour de Moore Classic 2020 Covid Response

With the health and safety of our community being an utmost priority, and after further evaluation with local authorities in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we regret to advise that the Tour de Moore Classic cannot take place in 2020 and will return on Labor Monday 2021.

In what has been a continually evolving and challenging time globally, we recognize that this may come as a disappointment but it would not be responsible to host the event at this moment in time. 

We encourage you to enjoy the day riding some of our favorite local routes found here.  If you would like, take a picture during your ride and post it to the Facebook page here.  

Also, stay tuned for a t-shirt fundraiser for the Union Pines High School band, our primary volunteer group for the event.
The TDMC Team